Trinity Lutheran Church was established 42 years ago on December 7th, 1975.  Trinity Lutheran has been served by four pastors during the past 42 years Trinity has grown from a small mission congregation to strong mid-sized church with the normal challenges of growth and decline.  During the months of January, February and March, our attendance peaks near or just over 200 and in the summer declines to 50 some Sunday in mid July.  This poses challenges for the church and its members, but God has always provided just what was needed for any given project.  

Pastor Norris has served us now for the past 30 years.  His wife Susan is our Organist, Choir and Praise team director, 4 year old VPK Teacher and Trinity Tots Prescholl Director.  Together they raise four grown children who all live with a three hour drive of their parents.  Pastor and Susan now have 3 granddaughters.  

Pastor also serves as the Heartland Circuit Visitor for the FL/GA District.  He is ecclesiatically certified as an Emergency Service Chaplain with the L.C.M.S., serving as Lead Volunteer Chaplain for the Highlands County Sheriff's Office.