This is a sample blog article for Trinity Lutheran's new website, and it also is meant to explain the website for someone new to using it. The home page is meant to be striking so that those who do not know the church want to get to know it. Most of the rest of the website is about simplicity and function. It's easy to add new blog items or video sermons, and it's easy to find everything in one place, including the embedded Facebook page, Trinity Tots Documents, and the church calendar.

You'll notice this website is https and mobile-friendly, which means more people will find it and will read what's on it. That includes people who already attend Trinity, but also those who do not have a church home.

People who are looking for a church or a child care facility will find this website. If content is updated, that will be good for showing those people what to expect. The intent of the website, Facebook page, Youtube Channel, scheduled events, and striking mural are to get people into the church, and Trinity now has a top-notch website to help.

This website was built in a couple of weeks by Brian Jaeger of Luthernet, Brave New Church, and Passive Ninja Web Design, taking forward what had been created by Kayla and Pastor Norris. If you know of another church, school, or small business in need of fast and reasonable web development, feel free to share the links.