All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Greetings!  May the Peace of Almighty God be and abide with you all.  I know that we are living in very, very uncertain times.  I know that these emails do not make it to all our families, members, friends.  I know that many of you are living very isolated lives.  I know that you have many questions.  I know that life is not the way it was even just a week ago.  But I also know that despite how the world may seem to be in chaos, God the Father is still on the throne in heaven and He knows what we are all going through.  Keep your eyes on Jesus and He will guide and direct us through these days. 


          This weekend may be our last public worship on Sunday morning for a week or two.  We will be meeting this Sunday at 10AM.  Following our worship service those on the Church Council that can be present and those on the Board of Elders that can be present will meet to determine the direction we move in the next two weeks.  Our Mid-Week services have been discontinued for the rest of the Lenten Season.  I am hoping that we can once again have worship services on Palm Sunday.  We are not sure that we are going to do for public worship service for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  I certainly hope that by Easter we can have church, but if we cannot we will have an alternative. 

          Let me fill you in on what is and has been going on around Trinity this week. 

  1. First I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT OF THANKS to several people who came out and helped clean up around the church, paint the church, clean the church.  Everything is LOOKING GOOD! Thank you so much for you willingness to come out and do whatever you did this week.  We still have work to do so if you didn’t get a chance to come out this week, speak to Norm Church or Steve Bradshaw and find out how you can help!!!!!
  1. Obviously both Susan and I as well as other key leaders have been monitoring very closely what has been going on here in the state of Florida.  I can assure you that public worship services as of today have not been forbidden or outlawed.  I have been in contact with FL/GA District Officials as well as Synodical Officials and we can for whomever decides to come to church offer public worship services. 

If you are compromised, not in good health, have underlying conditions PLEASE STAY HOME.  No pressure is being applied to anyone to come to church. 


  1. Tomorrow at 10:00AM a young man by the name of Daniel who is a student pastor in an independent church in Arcadia will be here to help us with the live streaming. Kayla, Liz, myself, other Pastor’s and congregational members will be here to learn about live streaming.  This will be out first time trying this, so pray for us.  We hope to be able to do this for this week with a smart phone and a tripod!  If we are successful we may add some things next week to enhance the experience. 
  1. I plan to “live stream” our time together on Sunday morning to “Facebook Live”.  It will be broadcast on our Facebook page

at 10:00AM.  Now you can have a “watch party” I will try to send out information on this tomorrow afternoon.  We should be able to archive this and put a link on our webpage to connect to the Facebook page. 

  1. Plans are to open Trinity Tots Preschool Monday morning.  The state officials are for the time being encouraging Early Childhood Centers to stay open to help parents who are still working.  We have many children from parents who are teachers in our public schools and they are to report to work Monday morning. 
  1. Regretfully the leadership team at Trinity has asked me to remind you that we need your financial support even if we are not meeting.  We need it now to pay our staff and meet our financial obligations because we want to keep Trinity Lutheran Church open and flourishing.  This are truly unfortunate days we are living through.  A very large percentage of our income is normally received between January 1st and Easter.  Obviously with this tragic Coronavirus hitting in the middle of these months we are challenged financially.  Our leadership team trusts that our members and friends will do the right things in the weeks ahead and help us through these days.  We are extremely thankful for those of you who have give beyond measure by mailing your tithes, offerings and gifts to the church without even being asked.  The leadership team prays that the rest of you will also be faithful with your offerings whether you are here in worship, or have gone north or are social distancing. 
  1. I have attached this weeks Weekly Tidings and Worship Folder for you.  Maybe you can print these out and share these with members who are not computer connected.  I have also attached my sermon on Prayer in the Time of Crisis. 

If any of you are housebound and cannot get out to the store please call me at the church office 863-465-5253 or if this is an emergency call me on my cell at 863-441-4168.  I will find someone to help you out.  We are in this together, do not think I am not thinking about each and everyone of you, it is just impossible to keep in touch with everyone.  We are doing the best we can in keep you all informed.  We will get through this and come out as Victors in the end. 

God Bless each of you!

Rev. Richard A. Norris, Pastor

Trinity Lutheran Church

25 Lakeview Street

Lake Placid, Florida 33852