All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Blessings on this Holy Saturday!  Holy Saturday is sometimes an ignored day in Holy Week.  Easter Saturday within Lutheran circles may include an Easter Vigil service, but often it's just the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. On this day, take some time to intentionally meditate on Jesus' day of rest in death in the tomb, especially considering how hopeless His disciples must have felt knowing He was gone (temporarily, thankfully).  Below is a prayer with some different aspects of Easter Saturday included…


Lord Jesus Christ, as we state in the Apostles' Creed, You descended into hell after You died. I rejoice in the victory over sin, death and the Devil and all His evil foes that Christ's descent into Hell means for me. Thank you for the glorious victory that you won for us.   Lord of all the living, the day of Your crucifixion, You were laid in a tomb, and Your body stayed there until the morning of the third day. Your body—scarred and wounded, but without a single broken bone—lay on a cold slab in a dark tomb, sealed by a large stone. Undisturbed, Your body lay inside while guards watched the entrance. But no earthly force could keep You contained!  Just as God the Father rested on the seventh day, so You, Lord Jesus, rested in the tomb before You rose victorious, defeating death, Satan, and sin forever. I look forward to the final day when I will achieve the final rest with You in Heaven, praising You forever and ever. Amen.


For Roman Catholic Christians as well as many Protestant denominations, including Lutheran’s the Easter Triduum is the proper name for the three-day season that concludes Lent and introduces Easter. Technically speaking, a triduum refers simply to any three-day period of prayer. Triduum comes from Latin meaning "three days."  The three 24-hour periods of the triduum include the major feasts for all four days at the heart of the Easter celebration: the evening feast of Holy Thursday (also called Maundy Thursday), Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. The Easter Triduum memorializes the suffering, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In Anglican and Protestant denominations, like the Lutheran, Methodist and Reformed churches, the Easter Triduum is not considered a separate season, but rather one that includes portions of Lent and the Easter festival. For Roman Catholics since 1955, the Easter Triduum is formally considered a separate season. 

After nightfall on Holy Saturday, Romans and even Lutherans and other denominations hold an Easter vigil service, which represents the faithful awaiting the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his burial. In some congregations, this vigil service is held before dawn on Easter Sunday. The Easter Vigil is considered the pinnacle of the Easter Triduum, especially for Romans, and is usually celebrated with a devotion equal to that bestowed on Easter itself.   Easter Sunday marks the end of the Triduum and the beginning of the seven-week Easter season that will end with Pentecost Sunday. 


As we move closer to Resurrection Sunday I pray that your joy will also increase!  We have all been blessed by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Even though we cannot worship together on Easter Sunday morning physically I sincerely pray that you will join us virtually and spiritually as we praise our God for the Sacrifice of His Son and His Resurrection giving us all the hope that one day we too will be alive with God in the Heavenly Splendor. 


We will be live on at 10:00AM.  Find your favorite cross and come and worship with us!  We give thanks for each of you and your faithfulness.  Each day people have been stopping by the church, picking up the Portals of Prayer and dropping off their Tithes, Offerings and Steps of Faith.  Each day Susan goes to the mailbox and find others who have mailed in their offerings.  We are grateful for you continued support of Trinity Lutheran Church. 


We also were able to purchase a new laptop computer yesterday to enhance our video streaming.  Thanks to Patty Stevens for agreeing to allow some of the Memorial Money from her husband Robert Stevens memorials.  Thank you also the Don and Barb Haak who made an offer to help with the purchase.  This computer will enable to utilize our Video Sony Handycam to live stream directly to YouTube. This link below should take you directly to our YouTube video page. 


The great aspect about YouTube is that you do not have to have your own account like you do on Facebook and anyone can check out our videos and services for free.  We cannot do this with a phone because in order to upload to YouTube by phone you need to have 100 or so I am told subscribers and at this time we only have 9 who have subscribed.  So if you cannot get to the page with the URL above  go to YouTube and type in Trinity Lutheran Church Lake Placid FL and you should be taken there.  We hope to be “Live Streaming” by a week from Sunday.


I sent out my sermon and worship format for tomorrows service yesterday!  But I attached them again in case you accidentally deleted them!


We did get word that Susan’s Cousin Barb seems to be slowly improving.  Please continue to pray for her. 


I also want to give a big thank you to Linda and Julie Thomas, Susan Norris, Fred Foland, Steve Bradshaw and Kayla Selander for helping with the Live Streams of our services in recent weeks and days.  And Thank You toe Pat Stevens for working with our Altar making it look so good and setting up for Maundy Thursday Communion. 


We had 37 people stop by for Communion on Maundy Thursday as we practice the proper social distancing and staying in complains of not have more than 10 in the room at any given time. 


I sincerely pray that all of you are healthy as well as you family and have a Blessed Easter!  He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  Alleluia!  Happy Easter!


Pastor Norris