All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Greetings on this Monday afternoon! Susan and I had a relaxing and enjoyable, all too brief week of vacation.  Unfortunately I returned with Laryngitis and a slight caugh.  But I have been to my primary who has prescribed some medications to assist me in getting well. 


          It is truly great to see some new activity in the congregation.  The fellowship hour following church is a great opportunity to sit down with someone new each week and chat and ge to know them a litte better.  We thank the Fellowship Committee members for stepping up getting this started. 

It is also great to see some new people volunteering for ushering and greeting.  There are many who have the gift of hospitality and enjoy serving others other people, if I may say in relation to my sermon from last Sunday, the “Martha’s” of the congregation.  We need to encourage new faces step up and serve while allowing some of those who have served faithfully during the Pandemic each Sunday to sit in the congregation and actually worship with the rest of the congregation.

I have attached my sermon and an additional article that you might find an interesting read. 

          I mentioned last week that my daughter Debbie (Norris) Spencer has asked Trinity to assist with their Christmas in July event.  Here is the note she sent to us all. . .

The Foundation at AdventHealth for Children is hosting a Christmas in July fundraiser and donation drive for the child life department. Debbie (Norris) Spencer has worked at AdventHealth for Children (formerly Florida Hospital for Children) for 14 years and is currently the manager of the Child Life Team. Part of a Child Life Specialist’s role is to use toys and activities to help the hospital feel less scary and more like home, which in turns help kids cope better with the healthcare experience. Toys also used to help celebrate birthdays, holidays, and milestones- like getting through a big surgery, or walking getting through a scary procedure. These essential tools are all provided through philanthropy and incredible community support. July tends to be a time of the year when the shelves get a little bare, but the hospital is still full of sick patients. The census has been unusually high this year, even into the summer. Everything from play-doh, books, arts and crafts, superhero toys, infant rattles, teen activities, and clothing is needed. The Amazon wish list has the team’s top needs on it and is one of the easiest ways to send items directly to the hospital. Everything that is received goes directly into the hands of pediatric patients, siblings, and the children of adult patients that need support. You can donate in 3 ways:

  1. Use this link to order and ship items directly off of the hospital’s wish list.
  2. Use this link to donate to the hospital’s foundation Christmas in July - Campaign (
  3. Send in a contribution to Trinity and the church will purchase and deliver items.

It takes everyone to help children and their families in need. Thank you so much for even considering supporting this event. No gift is too small and everything goes right into the hands of children.

Debbie Spencer, BA, CCLS

AdventHealth for Children
Manager | Child Life

Central Florida Division South Region


Rev. Richard A. Norris BA, M. Div.  

Trinity Lutheran Church

25 Lakeview Street

Lake Placid, Florida 33852

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