All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Greetings on this beautiful, yet cool Monday afternoon!  Once again yesterday we had a full house.  It was GREAT to see so many in church!  We even ran out of wine during communion.  We had in excess of 150 people in worship.  This was a first for us and a first in my nearly 40 years of ministry. 

A new family from St. Louis, that has visited with us twice this month, called today and desire to transfer their membership!  I am meeting with the family on Thursday afternoon.  That is the second family this month!  Perhaps the tide is turning and we are going to start growing again.  Pray for our continued growth and expansion of our ministry.

If any of our Winter  Vistors desire to join with us in Associate Membership please mention this to me and we can get together!

          We had a very positive and encouraging Church Council meeting this morning.  So many things going on with great results moving us forward again into the new year 2023!

Our Volunteer Fair yesterday resulted in 19 people volunteering for different things in the church.  Identifying people willing to step up and share the responsibilities is key to successfully expanding different aspects of the ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church that has remained dormant for many years and starting some new ministry opportunities.    

          At the meeting we considered three policies for the church.  One pertaining to Church Facility Use and Agreement.  Second a Wedding Policy concerning our stand on marriages between one woman and one man.  And finally a comprhensive policy concerning Memorials, Directed, Designated and Undesignated clearly articulating the types of memorials and their intended purposes.  This is a step in revising and getting our Constitution reviewed by the Florida/Georgia District Constitution Review Committee. 

          We are moving forward with pursuing a greater amount of money from  the insurance company concerning our roof damage.  President Bardon and Vice President Bradshaw are both working on this frustrating issue with the insurance company.  We are looking are different ways to get this project accomplished in the near future.  The Church Council will be having a special Voters Meeting in February to outline the challenges we are facing with the funding of this project which we hope to have completed in March during spring break. 

          In February we are going to be endeavoring to publish a new Membership Directory.  This is a great resource to the congregation.  We are hoping to have pictures of our Winter Residents, Associate Members and Communicant Members in our new directory.  Such a resource will be able to bring this congregation closer together as we learn each other’s names and are able to put a name with a face for so many.  We will be asking for your cooperation in getting the pictures taken during the month of February.

          I sent an email out to the Rightnow Media online Bible Study on Wednesday mornings at 10:00AM that I will be unable to have Bible Study Wednesday morning.  I was appointed to represent the Lutheran Churches of the Missouri Synod to the Highlands County Mitigation Strategy Working Group.  The purpose of the Highlands County Local Mitigation Strategy Working Group (hereafter LMS/WG) is to decrease the vulnerability of the citizens, governments, businesses and institutions of Highlands County to the future human, economic and environmental costs of natural, technological, and societal disasters. The LMS/WG will develop, monitor, implement, and maintain a comprehensive plan for hazard mitigation which will be intended to accomplish this purpose.  Wednesday is our annual reorganization meeting and I need to attend. 

          I pray that all of you have a fantastic week and make it fantastic for someone else! 

Respectfully In Christ,

Rev. Richard A. Norris

Trinity Lutheran Church

25 Lakeview Street

Lake Placid, Florida 33852

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