Good Afternoon Everyone! 

          Here we are almost ½ way through May already.  Next Sunday at 4:00PM Trinity Tots students have their yearly closing program.  High Schools will be hosting graduations and summer time activities will commence with thousands of students out for the summer.  Vacations will be taken and summer camps and programs will be flourishing around the area.  I encourage you to be careful as you drive in neighborhoods as there may be children where you may not expect them to be as they explore new areas. 

As Pastor I want to thank all of you who stepped forward yesterday to have you name afixed to a Children’s Bible that will be given to our students heading to Kindergarten in the fall.  You willingness to pray for these students is one way we leave a legacy upon the lives of those around us.  So thank you for your willingness to step forward, you will make an impact. 

          I also want to thank everyone who have supported the “Green Dragon Den Food Pantry” throughout the past school year.  The food you have provided has helped many, many young people have food for the weekends.  You genorousity has been felt throughout the community annonymously, with no fan fare, no distinction, no accolades, just a love for the Lord and a willingness to give.  This is another way we leave a legacy on the community in which we live or reside in the winter or simply visit from time to time.  Our love for the Lord empowers us to accomplish great things with no one knowing.  Thank you to everyone who help in this mission outreach. 

          We will be having a “Congregational Meeting” on Sunday May 28th following church to elect or re-elect three officers Norm Church-Chair of Trustees; Sandy Rybacki-Financial Secretary; Pam Bradshaw – Treasurer.  We will also be asking you to ratify three policies for the church.  Hopefully you will be able to join us for this meeting. 

          Beginning in July Rev. James Olckers will be rejoining our staff here at Trinity.  Since October of 2020 Rev. Olckers has been serving as “Pulpit Supply/Vacancy Pastor” for Peace Lutheran Church in Okeechobee.  Peace Lutheran will be receiving a Differed Vicar to serve them for the next year and then at the end of that year the congregation may call him to be their Pastor.  I will be serving as Vicar Deon Hull’s Vicarage Supervisor for the next year.  Pastor Olckers will be assisting me and Elder Bardon with our worship services and preaching for me when I am on vacation and recuperating from my surgery.  Pastor Olckers has been assisting me already making calls on shut-ins, hospital calls and nursing home individuals as it is difficult for me to get around these days.  So we look forward to having Pastor help again here at Trinity.

          This Thursday I will be traveling with Rev. Olckers and Rev. Arias to attend a Region 5 Pastor’s Conference in Boca Raton, Florida.  We will be gone from early morning until late at night.   

          If you are looking for additional Bible Study material or inspirational documentaries check out Rightnow Media.  For those of you who are curious this is not a uniquely Lutheran resource, but it does have great material to be studied. 

Here is the link to set up your account

The Sunday morning Bible Study is studying the book of James with Rev. Francis Chan.  It is a great study and there are free guides to assist you in your study of this outstanding book.  I met with a consultant for Rightnow Media two weeks ago who stated that for a church our size we have good participation and people accessing these programs.  If you have not establish an account go ahead and do it, it is free and it is for your enjoyment and edification. 

          I certainly appreciate all of your prayers and inquiries about my present mobility condition.  This is where things stand as of today.  On July 25th, 2023 I am scheduled for left hip replacement.  The Doctor suggests that this should relieve the extreme pain I am having in my left leg and below my artificial knee.  I certainly pray that this will work.  This is only part of the issue that I am facing.  Two months ago I had an MRI of my lower back and I was informed that my lower back from L1 down to C1 is deteriorating.  I will probably need surgery to relieve the pain and numbness I have in my legs and lower back.  This is what I am facing and I thought you all shoud know.  I am not complaining I am simply sharing information as it has been told to me and what has been found to date.  Thank again for all you prayers and concern.  


          I have attached my sermon for next Sunday. 

Have a great week and make it a great week for someone else as well. 

Rev. Richard A. Norris

Trinity Lutheran Church

25 Lakeview Street

Lake Placid, Florida 33852

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