All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Greetings on this Monday July 10th (already) 2023!  I trust that you all have had a good summer so far.  Susan and I still have the remainder of this week for our vacation here on Cudjoe Key, in the Florida Keys.  Last week we had two of our granddaughers with us for the week and had a great time spoiling them, taking them to interesting places and just enjoying them at their age.  This week we have another couple enjoying the week with us and we are have a great time already.  Susan and I will be back in town Saturday afternoon!

This is the longest I have been out of the pulpit in my 40 years of ministry, 3 weeks in a row.  The first week I was away from the pulpit we attended the induction of Vicar Deon Hull and Rev. Bill Roberts filled in for me preaching.  The last two weeks our Assistant Pastor Rev. James Olckers was with you leading you along with Mike Bardon in Worship and preaching for me.  I will be back this coming Sunday and I have attached my sermon from Romans for you edification.  Besides those who were up front leading you I want to thank everyone who worked behind the scenes to keep things moving smoothely throughout the week and on Sunday morning!  Thanks everyone! 

          Prior to my departure two weeks ago I brought to you attention that someone had taken two of my sermons and crafted them into a letter form.  These letter were then distributed in parts of the Lake Placid community.  I trust that my concern was noted and that no one will continue this practice.  I send these emails to people who are on my mailing list.  If you wish to be removed from the list simply email me and I will accommodate your request.  But please do not take these emails and or sermons and randomly distribute them without prior consent or knowledge.  Thanks!

          I have heard that since I have been away there have been concerns once again raised about the “Drag Queen Bingo” fund raiser scheduled to be held at a local business in the Journal Plaza area of town.  The fund raiser is to suppot a camp called “Coming Out” where youth can “feel safe” about revealing their sexual choices.  As a Christ you know by now that such activity is clearly non Biblical and we need to take a stand against it.  Lake Placid had been pretty protected from such blantly sinful behavior for many years.  We as a Church and as a member church of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod stand firmly against such blantantly sinful behavior that is being promoted by the LGBTQ elements of our society.  One way to stop this from going on is to pray about it.  Ask for God to intervene and prevent these events from happening.  Another is simple awareness.  Christians need to be aware of what is happening and where it is happening so perhaps you could boycot that specific business as a way of showing you disdain for the activities.  We can no longer say that such activity does not affect us because perhaps it does not affect you specifically your grandchildren and great grandchildren are being exposed to such degenerate behavior in their public classrooms.  So be aware of what is happening right here in Lake Placid or what is happening in the community where you live and in the lives of your families. 

          Well that is all I have for today.  I trust that you will have a fantastic remainder of your week.  And why don’t you make it a fantastic one from someone else as well. 

See you Sunday! 

Rev. Richard A. Norris

Trinity Lutheran Church

25 Lakeview Street

Lake Placid, Florida 33852

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