All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends, Greetings on this Wednesday afternoon. The first day in many that we have not seen rain, but that will soon end with the tropical distrubance church up down off of Mexico! Rainy weekend coming up. Today is the last official day of school here in Highlands County. On Monday night Susan was honored by a representative of the Trinity Tots School Board and 5t three of our children and one of her grandchildren in recognizing her for 29 years of teaching in the Trinity Tots Pre-School Program. Susan decided following many years of deliberation that this would be her last year in the classroom. The increase in paperwork and administrative duties has greatly increased over the years and she needs for time for those duties. It will also allow her the freedom go into all the classes at different times of the day. We met for a second time this past Tuesday night to discuss the need and vision to transform the “Youth Haus” into the “Trinity Life Center”. There are individuals in the congregation who would like to see us renovate, revitalize, remodel the Youth Haus into a more practical updated facility for us do prepare meals, have outreach opportunities based there, Bible studies, fellowship activities and many other opportunities. This is an opportunity for us to refocus our ministry before we fade away into oblivion. I have written up a summary which I will share with everyone once it has been refined and proof read. This summary is going to be submitted to Lutheran Church Extension Fund for the possibility of receiving a Kaleidoscope Grant for between $25,000 to $100,000 to help us with this vision strategy. The deadline in June 15th for submitting summaries of the grant application. This Sunday we will commission our Mission Team as they leave next Thursday May 31st, 2018 for California. They are going to help in the hard hit wild fire areas where clean up and rebuilding is on going. This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. I have prepared a somewhat special message of remembering and is attached. Bible Study begins at 8:30AM. Worship at 10:00AM I was supposed to be leaving a week from Friday for St. Louis for a week of training of Chaplains at the Concordia Seminary St. Louis, but it had to be cancelled due to lack of response. It could have been poor advertising or just a bad year. So all the fund raising and gifts that people offered will be carried over for another year. I may go the Synod’s Emergency Chaplain SPM conference in September. (I am kinda expected to go.) Folks we do not have a Board of Stewardship so it seems that things fall on my shoulders from time to time. We can already see that this summer is going to be tough. We have many members who are traveling this summer and our attendance has already taken a drastic dip. This of course raises the issure of financial resources. I would encourage you to please consider doing just a little extra this summer to help us keep our lights on and staff in place. I know that many of you will respond and for that we are grateful. I also encourage you to consider giving a thank offering on you Birthday for the years of life you are celebrating, or maybe you anniversary! Thanks