All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Greetings on this Wednesday afternoon!  Tomorrow morning at 4:30AM (Eastern) the Trinity Mission Team will be embarking on this trip to San Francisco on their mission trip.  They are excited about what the possibilities are concerning what they will be doing and meeting to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please pray for them they will be back here in Lake Placid late on June 10th

          I am editing and typing, editing and typing the summary for the Kaleidoscope Grant for the renovations on the “Youth Haus” to transform it into “Trinity Life Center”.  I spoke to a nice woman at Lutheran Church Extension Fund today and she said this;

          Grant summary proposals need to be in my June 15th, 2018

          Rejection letters will be sent our by July 2nd, 2018.

          If accepted for the second part we will have until September 15th to submit more details. 

          If accepted decisions will be made by October 15th and distribution of funds will be in November. 

So we will probably know early on if we make the cut for the whole proposal. 


Starting this Sunday for the duration of the summer months we will practice “inctinction” for communion.  You will be directed down the center aisle and you will receive a host (bread) from me and then turn either to the right or to the left depending on which side you are sitting on go to the Elder dip your host (bread) in the wine and return to your seats.

I have attached this Sunday’s Sermon.  It is an introduction to the 10 Commandments that we are embarking on studying this summer. 

Bible Study begins at 8:30AM. 

          Worship with Holy Communion at 10:00AM. 

          Last week we were pretty light in attendance!  And it is going to get lighter. 

If you have not been in church in a while you have plenty of room to come back to church or invite your friends to come with you. 

Just got word recently that we are loosing another family in the next month to having the need to move away because of a new job.

Have a great remainder of your week and make it great for someone else!