All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends, 

          Greetings on this hot, humid and rainy Wednesday afternoon here in South Central Florida!  We are supposed to be in the “dry” season but we are getting our rain which we desperately need for the lakes and aquifer so we won’t complain! 

          The Mission Team is doing some fantastic work in California.  I cannot wait to hear them tell everyone what they have been doing this week.  All I can say is that when it comes to the evening those four ladies are tired and ready for bed.  They are doing great work please keep them in your prayers.  

         Tuesday evening I have the privilege of going to Belle Glade and lead the fine people there in worship w/communion.  For the summer months they meet for worship during the week because so many people go out of town for the weekends.  The Pastor that has been serving them, Rev. Russ Johnson is in the hospital have back surgery.  He may be out a while. 

          Thursday morning there will be a Circuit Meeting here in the back of the church from 9:00AM until Noon.  

          Vacation Bible School starts June 18th, so that means, yup you guessed it!  Set up for VBS starts next week.  So be prepared to have the Sanctuary looking a little different that we are used too.  I believe the theme is “Shipwrecked” so I am sure the backround will be outstanding!  We are expecting to have 100+ children here that week. 

          The Florida George District will be in Convention June 22nd-23rd, 2018 in Orlando.  We will be celebrating the 70thYear Anniversary of the District!

          We have not forgotten the June Newsletter, we have just been busy with some other things.  We are doing a summer edition for June and July!


          I have attached my sermon for Sunday and the notes that go with the sermon for you.  This sermon is on the First Commandment! 

          Bible Study continues at 8:30AM Sunday Morning, 

          Worship begins at 10AM Sunday Morning.  

Have a great remainder of you week!