All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Greetings on this Monday January 22nd, 2024!  What a great attendance yesterday here at Trinity.  I stopped counting from the front at 150 and there were actually 162 in church!  Thank you all for your faithfulness and support of Trinity!  This was probably the highest single non-festival service we have had in over 4 years.  Let’s all strive to keep this up in the weeks ahead as we have some great Sundays coming. 

          One note of reference.  Since we project the entire service on the wall we print only a limited number of complete bulletins to help reduce paper costs.  So please if you do not need a full bulletin leave them for someone who may.  OK?  We realized this weekend  that every family needs to receive and insert with the announcements and other info, so we will be producing more of these in the weeks ahead. 

          Again thank you all for your faithfulness and continued faithful support of Trinity Lutheran Church!  We are experiencing “Just a little more in 2024!”


The Altar Guild needs some additional volunteers.  Women or Men can volunteer to help with the Altar Guild

responsibilities.  This is a great behind the scenes activity that is a vital aspect of our overall ministry.  If you can “do a little more in 2024!” please speak with Arlene Harmon.   We thank those who have stepped forward but we still could use some year ‘round residents to help in the summer months.  Thank you in advance for your assistance in this. 


Another ministry opportunity is helping with our sign.  Debra and Mark Goodrich have already volunteered to help but we could use a few more so all the work does not fall on their shoulders.  We need people willing to help keep our sign on North Mainstreet current with activities here at church or inspirational sayings.  If you can help with this opportunity, then please speak to Norm Church who will help you get started.

Lent begins on February 14th, 2024 (Valentines Day) with Ash Wednesday.  Our focus for the Mid-Week Lenten Series will be “Christ On Trial” as different individuals from the Bible will come alive as the Pastor cross examines them. 

We need “witnesses”!!!  We need for the Mid-Week Wednesday Services “Matthew”; “A Woman Healed”; “Nicodemus”; “An Adulterous Woman”; and “John”. 

We may need Palm Sunday “Mary Magdelene”; and Maundy Thursday “Simon Peter”. 

Please speak to Susan and she will give you the dialog between either Pastor Norris or Pastor Olckers.   

This year we are going to be inviting everyone to stay following each Lenten Service for a Soup and Sandwich Supper.  The Board of Elders and perhaps a few additional volunteers will be providing three different types of soup, and YOU bring your own sandwich.  It is an opportunity for fellowship and the chance to get some good homemade soup or maybe chili!  More information will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. 

Well there is still hope filling the air in Detroit this morning!  Congratulations to the Lion fans! 

Well that is all I have for this Monday’s Weekly E-Tidings!  Have a great week and make it great for someone else as well! 

Rev. Richard A. Norris

Trinity Lutheran Church

25 Lakeview Street

Lake Placid, Florida 33852

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