Good Morning All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends, 

          We do have a little bit of an urgent request!  Our Care Portal Team sent me this email this morning “Pastor, Tom and I responded to this need yesterday (the diapers, wipes and formula part), but the family still needs to provide clothing and shoes for the one little boy is starting kindergarten. Mom said she can get what he needs at Bealls. Could we please see if folks will help us out with a gift card from Bealls? And perhaps, hand-me-downs (boy's size 5T)”. If anyone is so inclined to help our team and congregation help this family send their little one off the school in some fresh new clothes please let me know.  Just respond to this email and tell me how much you are willing to help with $5, $10, $20, or $50 so we have an idea as to how much the gift card can be.  

Today is August 1st, 2018!  I pray that all of you are having a GREAT SUMMER!  Things here at Trinity are already beginning to pick up for the fall.  Teachers are getting their classrooms ready.  Susan has stepped out of the classroom this year and is serving as the Director solely, which will afford her more time to get into the different classes to help make Trinity Tots even stronger and better.  She hired two new teachers this year and they will be introdruced in church (hopefully) the week that school starts.  All the playground equipment has been presure washed as well as the whole building for that matter and new playground mulch is being spread on the playground.  

          Another Caladium Festival has come and gone.  Thank you to all the volunteers to so wonderfully volunteered to work in the booth.  It WAS HOT, HOT, HOT!  Susan just didn’t think the attendance was as big as other years.  Susan has not determined how much money was made as she has not paid all the bills.  We do know that we will have serveral bags of cooked bratwurst 5 in a bag for $9.00.  Price of meat has gone up.  We did have one casualty of the event and that was our pop up tent.  The rain storm on Sunday came up so fast we did not have time to take it down and after about 45 minutes of rain it collapsed.  So we will be looking to buy a new one here this fall.  

          The Trinity Life Center project is moving quickly forward under the leadership of Carol Javorsky and the Ladies Guild.  I understand that painting is taking place this week.  I have agreed to stay out of the building until they have come to a point that they want me to see.  I have complete confidence in the Carol and the ladies to do a wonderful job.  The team is looking for some donations if anyone wants to move this project forward to completion.  

          Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You! to everyone including those who are up north for the summer to rising to the challenge to help us with the Back To School Supply Challenge sponsored by the Lake Placid Police Department.  Susan volunteered (never again) to do the shopping and was able to put together 13 back packs filled with the requested school supplies.  It took her over 2 ½  hours of shopping and searching in Wal Mart to get everything needed.  Next time she will form a team to do this!  We Thank Everyone who donated and helped us reach and exceed our goal of 10 back packs and get 13.  Each back pack was either $35 or $45 worth of supplies.  Amazing!  Far different from when we or our children went to school.  

          My sermon for Sunday is attached following out theme of the 10 Commandments.  We will be looking at the 4thCommandment; “Honoring our mother and father.”  Worship begins at 10AM.  

          But remember that this week we resume our Bible Study/Discussion Hour!  We may be starting a new study if I do not want to continue the one we started before we adjourned for the summer.  You will have to come and see.  But bring the studies “Great Miracles of the Bible”.  

Have a great remainder of your week.  Please do not forget our requests for support above!!!

Rev. Richard A. Norris