All Members, Winter Resident, Family and Friends,

          Greeting on this Friday afternoon!  Had a long Circuit Visitors meeting in Orlando Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Went over a good deal of information and goal setting for the next three years. 

          Pray for James Olckers this week coming.  President Walton will be presenting James’ name to the Council of Presidents of the LCMS to be considered for SMP Colloquoy Acceptance.  What this means is that if accepted James would go through an interview with a review board and if he passes he would not have to go through the 4 year program, but be eligible for Ordination immediately.  This would be a great blessing to all of us as we are his sponsoring congregation.  Pray that they get through this first hurdle.  Then you can pray for James on September 18th as he goes for his American Citizenship interview with immigration.  He has gone through the proper ways and channels to become a legal citizen.  It has taken 5 years to get to this point but he has done it legally and the correct way. 

          We had a Guest Preacher for Reformation Service, Rev. Tony Mandille, but he had to back away.  So we didn’t have a guest preacher, but now we have another one Rev. Denis Glick, Retired Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Boca Raton and former 1st Vice President of the FL/GA District now serving as a Circuit Visitor.  So we are set to go.  We also have “Peace” the Comfort Dog from Trinity Lutheran Church, Orlando going to be present with us at the Reformation Service as well.  This should be a great service. 

          We want to thank Tom Rassier for sharing his talents with us as Financial Secretary for some time now.  He has to resign from this position because of health and physical reasons.  Nothing serious but painful for do computer work.  So we thank Tom.  Sandy Rybacki has been appointed by the Church Council in an emergency meetin last Sunday after church.  We would like to find one individual to shadow/assist Sandy and learn the process.  And one person to shadow/assist Pam Bradshaw as Treasurer.  The church council would make the final decisions concerning who would be appointed to these positions of great confidentiality and importance to our congregation. 

          I am told that the newly renovated “Trinity Life Center” is nearing completion.  I have not been inside since very early on in the process.  So I will be ask surprised as many of you will be when we see the renovated facility. 

          I have heard from several people and we will be returning to the “traditional” distribution of Holy Communion and reserve the practice of “intinction” for special services or circumstances.  We will continue with two elders on one side and an Elder and myself on the other side. 

          I have attached my sermon and notes for this the 3rd sermon of the Blessed Assurance series. 

          Bible Study starts at 8:30AM.  I will have lessons 6 and 7 for you to take hoome to begin your preparation. 

          Worship begine at 10:00AM.