All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends, Greetings on this Wednesday morning! First I want to thank many of our traveling members, associate members, winter residents and friends who have stepped up and sent in Summertime Offerings which has helped to make up a major Summertime deficit we were facing. Thank you for you continued faithful support of Trinity Lutheran Church, Lake Placid, Florida. School is in the air! You can sense the excitement here at Trinity as the Trinity Tot’s Teachers have all been here getting their rooms ready and having pre-year meetings discussing the up coming year. I believe Susan said that we are full for both the 3 and 4 year old classes heading into this year. All the teachers have been preparing for some weeks now, making home visits and getting things ready. Susan has been painstakingly cleaning floors, bathrooms, classrooms, playground, even picking weeds in the parking lot this morning. This afternoon if it doesn’t rain again, the LPHS Football team will be here laying mulch on the playground. This summer the trees in the playground were trimmed by Joe’s Tree and Lawn Service. Mr. Jonathan Joles, Summer Joles a teacher here at Trinity Tot’s, husband built, fixed and revitalized some shelving units and build a beautiful new one for one of our classrooms. A new Teacher is on board this year and all the teachers will be introduced to the Congregation in September when more of our members are back from vacations. YOU can help this Sunday at 4:00PM the Church and School will be filled with new and returning students and their parents and grandparents! A great deal has been spoken in recent years about how can we get younger families in church. In most cases it takes a simple act of just asking people to come and worship with you. Here on Sunday we will have roughly 80 parents and their children come here to Trinity. It would be OUTSTANDING is as many of you as possible could flood the building, playground, front door, parking lot to demonstrate to these individuals that we are HAPPY and PLEASED to welcome them to Trinity Lutheran Church and Trinity Tots Pre-School. One week from this evening at 6:00PM I will have a New Member Orientation for anyone wishing to join in membership here at Trinity. It will last about an hour. If you cannot make it but still want to become a member let me know and I will provide information for you. But I do hope that most of those who have expressed interest will be able to make it. At 8:30AM Sunday we are going to restart our Sunday Morning Bible Study time. Although we are not starting the study on the Book of Revelation for several more weeks I have attached a PDF file of the Book by Book Study of the Book of Revelation. The best thing to do is to download the book to your hard drive. Once it is downloaded then you can open it with a PDF file reader which you can download free off the internet. If you cannot download this then I can order books for a cost of $10.00 per book for those of you who cannot download and print the book or desire to have a hard copy. I will announce this again at the study Sunday morning. This Sunday we begin a new series entitled “Dangerous Prayers”. This is a great series looking at prayers from major figures in the Holy Scriptures. The first one is attached. I have been really torn about how I present my sermons. In years gone by I have attempted to provide a power point presentation and an outline. It takes an approximate 5 extra hours per weekly sermon to prepare these presentations and outline. As I look around the congregation I see very, very few people filling the outline out each Sunday as I work through it by way of the power point. So my questions is simple and I do hope that you respond. Simply respond to this email by saying. Continue with the Power Point Presentations. Continue with both the Power Point Presentation and Study Guide. Discontinue both. I was just notified that Joan Williamson is back in the Hospital. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you! Have a great week! Pastor Norris