All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends

          Greetings on this Wednesday morning!  Highlands county is under a flash flood warning for the next 48 hours due to higher than expected rain storms heading our way.  Be careful as you drive around your neighborhoods and our town as there are many low lying areas in the roads where you will find ponding where you may not expect it. 

          The opening couple of days of school here at Trinity Tots has gone smoothly. We have a full house with all classes full with wonderful 3 and 4 years old students.  We have a full staff with Susan Norris as Director, Summer Joles and Rebecca Phipps 3 year old teachers, Amanda Hurm and Desiree Escobar as 4 year old teachers and Liz Strouse our New Office Manger in the mornings is also serving as a relief teacher in the afternoons.  It should be a great year here at Trinity Tots. 

          Reserve the date Tuesday October 8th at 5:30PM as we will have a meet and greet local author Mrs. Terry Jackson who has written a wonderful book that you may want to purchase for yourself or your grandchildren or great grandchildren.  She will be here for you to meet her, sign books, and have a special reading of the book here at Trinity.  We will have Pizza and beverages starting at 5:30PM.  Plan on attending and bring some friends.  This is the first time we are doing something like this and we are hoping that as many of you as possible will come and support such an activity.  More information will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. 

          We have hit a major rut here at Trinity.  We seem to do the same thing year in year out.  We need some fresh fellowship activity ideas.  Susan and I have been trying to line up some fun things for this coming year, but we need more ideas.   We are going to hold a planning/idea sharing/brainstorming summit this September for planning for our 45th Church Anniversary.  In preparation for that I am asking everyone to put on their thinking caps and share some fellowship activities with us that EVERYONE might enjoy.  For instance maybe your previous church or current northern church did and ethnic dinner night.  How did it work?  What did people bring?  Did you do one Italian night or did you have Italian, German, Mexican and Norwegian all on the same night.  Or maybe kind of crazy cook off.  Maybe there is a movie you would like to see shown one evening here at Church.  We need some ideas.  We have some ideas but we need more.  We would like to try to do at least one special activity every month throughout the coming year.  So you may have an idea that could be modified or refined that could work here at Trinity, so please take time to share.  Remember we want to include everyone, young, old, male, female, everyone!

          Kayla Selander and Liz Strouse are busy working at redeveloping our Facebook, Web Page and YouTube platforms.  These two young ladies are very technologically advanced and are working to bring everything back up to speed.  I do not have the skills they have and we are going to be doing much more on these platforms.  The decision has been made that it takes much too long to upload the video of my sermon so we are going to go back to audio only for those who cannot be here. 

          Here is a link to our webpage     

          Here is a link to our Facebook page

          I will get you a link to our YouTube page. 

          Bookmark these links as we will be using these two above more and more as the year unfolds. 

          If you would like something to appear in the bulletin please provide the information to our Office Manager Liz by Wednesday morning so she can get it in for the bulletin.  Please email items to her atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

          If you would like something to appear on the morning slides please provide the information to me, Pastor by Thursday morning so I can prepare a slide. 

Please email items to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

          Rev. James Olckers is planning on preaching this Sunday here at Trinity.  I have not heard Rev. Olckers preach yet and he still needs the experience.  So this Sunday will be an opportunity for him to share the Gospel with everyone.  Rev. Olckers and I speak regularly and work on honing his skills as a Pastor.  As we have talked I have pointed out that he did not have the advantage of 4 years of Seminary to work out the kinks or even get the experience.  So that is what I am working with him in helping him develop into a good Pastor.  Pastor spent a day in ICU in Arcadia.  He was bit by something and had a very painful reaction.  It happened while he was out riding his bicycle.  He nor the hospital is sure what bit him but he is recovering at home. 

          I do pray that all of you are doing well this summer.  If you are ill or know someone who is ill for whom you desire us to pray for please do not hesitate to contact us.