All Members, Winter Residents, Family and Friends,

          Greetings on this Thursday evening!  Sorry I forgot to send my email out earlier this week.  Had the sermon done on Tuesday, but forgot to send it out.  So it is attached for this week.  It is an examination of the 2nd petition of the Lord’s Prayer.

          Crafts with Linda and Julie Friday at 2:00PM in the Trinity Life Center. 

          Leadership Planning Summit Saturday morning breakfast at 8:30AM.  Come with a positive attitude with ideas and a willingness to take you ideas from thoughts to realities!  We don’t need “NEGATIVE NELLIES”           we need “POSITIVE PETES” to come and share ideas and a willingness to move Trinity forward for the next 45 years!  .

          Sunday Bible Study on the Book of Revelation starts at 8:30AM Sunday morning. 

          Worship with Holy Communion this Sunday at 10AM!

Have a great remainder of your week!

Pastor Norris

(B.T.W. The Treasurer indicated we are short of our expectations for the past month.  Thanks for your continued and forthcoming financial support.)